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                      What Are Baby Growth Charts?
                      Category: Parenting Knowledge
                      Date: 2019-10-26
                      Click: 1051
                      Author: AOV

                      Baby growth charts are important tools healthcare providers use to check your little one’s overall health. The charts are used to assess how your baby is growing compared with other children of the same age and gender and to see how your child is developing over time. Growth standards are used for babies under 24 months old to check the following:

                      Head circumference (the distance around the largest part of the head, as this indicates how your baby’s brain is growing)

                      - Weight-for-length

                      - Weight-for-age

                      - Length-for-age.

                      Different charts are used for boys and girls, and different charts are also used for babies younger than 24 months and for those 2 years and older.

                      It's helpful to know that these charts offer pieces of information that your doctor can assess in the context of other developmental milestones, the size of the people in your family, and other factors. You can find and download the charts below.

                      Baby Boys Growth Chart: Birth to 24 Months

                      Baby Girls Growth Chart: Birth to 24 Months

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