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                      2015 | The 21st Jingzheng Beijing Pregnancy and Baby Products Expo--AOV invites you!
                      Category: Company News
                      Date: 2019-10-26
                      Click: 1165
                      Author: AOV安姆特

                      Easy Feeding, Enjoy Life

                      AOV, an internationally renowned maternal and child brand

                      a great career

                      Only for the healthy growth of your baby, we have been working hard

                      Filter each piece of material carefully

                      Produce every product with love

                      Breast pump, milk warmer, milk adjuster, sterilizer, infant thermometer, infrared ear thermometer, and baby nutrition supplements, and other products, a production and export-oriented enterprises.

                      2015 Beijing Jingzheng Exhibition, AOV Amt will present you the latest products and look forward to your arrival.


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