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                      2019 CBME | AOV baby small appliance quality presents a professional new experience
                      Category: Company News
                      Date: 2019-10-26
                      Click: 1248
                      Author: AOV安姆特

                      Three-day AOV 2019 Baby Products Show

                      Already successfully completed

                      As the largest mother and baby show event in Asia, invited exhibitors

                      Professional maternal and child household appliance brand - AOV

                      2B 22-23 at Hall 7.2, China National Convention and Exhibition Center

                      Meeting business partners around the world

                      AOV has a minimalist and luxurious booth style

                      Leading the edge of technology research and development strength

                      Calm and beautiful color

                      Gained high popularity and attention

                      a strong hurricane in the mother and baby world


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